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Welcome to Pet Grave Book is a website where users can create virtual memorials for their lost pets. If you too have lost a pet, we invite you to sign up and use our free service.

It's always here to gracefully lighten up your pet's grave, with candles that always shine and flowers that never die.

The loss of an animal companion is often just as hard as losing a human loved one. Leaving a pet memorial helps us share the pain and grief of pet loss with others. Here at PetGraveBook you can create a small virtual memorial for your lost one and share beautiful memories with friends and family. We hope that placing a memorial in remembrance of your pet here will make your loss that little bit more bearable. 

At PGB you can

  • 1. Create a free pet memorial
  • 2. Share on Facebook and other places
  • 3. Browse other pets' memorials